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The Gillian Cross Official Website.

Gillian Cross

Welcome! I hope you're all managing to stay safe in these difficult times.

I'm grateful that I have lots of books to read. I can't actually go anywhere at the moment but, in my mind, I can journey to Xanadu or Oz, Mars or Mesopotamia. I can swim in blue lagoons and dive for treasure. Or climb a rocky staircase to discover a hidden cave.

Stories are a great way to travel - inside your head. So, while the lockdown lasts, I'm going to be posting a new story starter every day on my Facebook Author Page. You can find them here.

You'll find details of all my books here - including the whole Demon Headmaster series - and I've put in a page of answers to questions I often get asked.

If you want to contact me, there's an email link and an address you can write to. I'm a reader as well as a writer, of course, and I love hearing about great new books I haven't read. So let me know your favourites!