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New Demon Headmaster TV series announced

From the Radio Times:

Brace yourself: hit 90s kids' show The Demon Headmaster is coming back after 20 years.

The BBC has announced that the drama series - which terrified children everywhere with its story of pupils battling an evil headteacher with hypnotic powers - is being revived for the modern day.

Adapted from the new Demon Headmaster book from Gillian Cross - the author who wrote the novels the original series was based on - the story will feature the evil teacher as a 'Super Head' of an Academy school.

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You can also vote for your favourite actor to succeed Terrence Hardiman as the Demon Headmaster here.

Demon Headmaster DVDs released!

Demon Headmaster DVD

At last! The classic BBC adaptation of the Demon Headmaster series, starring Terrence Hardiman, has been released as a 3-disc DVD pack.

See here for details.