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Came out of Birmingham with nothing.

Junked the name and face I used to wear.

When your flesh and blood don't give a damn.

Your luggage doesn't hold much from before . . .

Finch is alone in a motorway café, desperate to leave home. The scruffy lads at the next table say they're a rock band and they challenge her to show she can sing. Then and there. They annoy her so much that she does - and suddenly she's in the band.

They're on the way to fame, but the band is dominated by the brooding menace of Christie, the lead singer. Finch can't make up her mind how she feels about him.
Is it hate - or something else . . . ?

First published by Oxford University Press 1986
Paperback edition 1999
Chartbreak · ISBN 0-19-275043-7
Published by Holiday House in the USA as CHARTBREAKER

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