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The Dark Behind the Curtain

The Dark Behind the Curtain

Illustrated by David Parkins

"Then all of a sudden - I cuts 'em! From ear to ear! And the blood drips down their shirts and puddles on the floor."

It's an old, gruesome story. But it's only a story - isn't it?

Colin Jackus is forced to take part in the school play - about Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. At first he doesn't want to co-operate, but gradually he is drawn into the story. The real cruelty and despair at the root of the play begin to haunt the actors. And Jackus realises that the ghosts of that misery have returned to take a terrible revenge . . .

First published by Oxford University Press 1982
The Dark Behind the Curtain · ISBN 978-0-19-273163-0

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