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Gobbo the Great

Gobbo the Great

Illustrated by Philippe Dupasquier

"I want to see it all. A peep into the future. That's what I'd like."

Suddenly, Barny Gobbo has the most stupendous idea!
Bennett School is celebrating its hundredth birthday by thinking about the future and there's a prize for the best idea. Barny is sure he and Spag and Clipper are going to come out top.

His idea is brilliant. Better than Spotty McGrew's Slang Dictionary. Better than Soppy Elaine's Fashions of the Future. It's bound to win.

Or that's what Barny thinks, until Thrasher Dyson starts taking an interest ...

A Barny, Spag and Clipper story.

First published by Methuen Children's Books 1991
Mammoth paperback edition 1991
Gobbo the Great · ISBN 0-7497-0605-8

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