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The Furry Maccaloo

The Furry Maccaloo

Illustrated by Madeleine Baker

"Wishes?" Surinder's eyes opened wide.

"Can you grant wishes?"

"Of course not!" said the Maccaloo. "Don't you know anything? You have to grant my wishes."


Surinder rubs the cloudy blue bead from her mother's bead jar - and suddenly she finds herself landed with a strange blue furry creature. She can't get rid of it until she's granted its three wishes.

But how is she going to do that? She can't do magic, and the Maccaloo keeps asking for impossible things.

Will Surinder and David ever succeed in sending it back to the Delta-world where it longs to be?

First published by Heinemann 1993
The Furry Maccaloo · ISBN 0-434-96264-3

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