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A Map of Nowhere

A Map of Nowhere

Left hand tunnel: strange smells - corpses? giant maggots? - test for methane gas - lay trap.

Right hand tunnel: sharply downhill - surface slippery - check state of tunnel walls and explore chances of using rope ...

Nick is amazed by the piece of paper he discovers in Joseph Fisher's wallet. It's part of a mysterious fantasy adventure game that Joseph plays with his sister. Nick enjoys role-playing games too, and he is determined to find out more.

But he isn't a free agent. His older brother Terry - and Terry's gang - have given him an undercover quest which raises uncomfortable questions. The situation escalates into danger.

How can Nick make up his mind which side he's on? On the shifting, splitting ground where the Fishers live, he has to decide not only where his loyalties lie, but what sort of person he wants to be.

First published by Oxford University Press 1988
Available as an ebook.

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