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The Crazy Shoe Shuffle

The Crazy Shoe Shuffle

Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

It's Lee's worst day ever.

Horrible Mr Merton confiscates his football. Mrs Puddock, the headteacher, forces him to eat his disgusting school dinner. Even Miss Cherry is cross with him.

And then he gets landed with sorting out the shoe mountain in the cloakroom - all on his own. Things look grim.

But on the way home from school he meets a strange old woman - and suddenly the boot is on the other foot. The three teachers find themselves in the children's shoes and they're right out of step with everyone else. Only Lee knows what's happened - and he'll have to keep on his toes if he wants to save them from falling flat on their faces ...

First published by Methuen Children's Books 1995
The Crazy Shoe Shuffle · ISBN 0-416-19126-6

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