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A Whisper of Lace

A Whisper of Lace

"Why, damn you, if I did not now and then kill one of you, you would forget who I am!"

When Selina was a girl, she was free to yell Blackbeard's words - and underline them in the book with her own blood. But now she's older - trapped in the narrow life of an elegant young lady - and she can't play pirate games with her brother Daniel any more. So what is she up to instead?

Daniel is determined to discover. He follows her and finds himself face to face with a terrifying old man with a hoarse voice - the legendary Whispering Zak. Selina has swapped make-believe for real adventure and real danger, and Daniel is the only one who can save her.

First published by Oxford University Press 1981
A Whisper of Lace · ISBN 0-19-271447-3

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